Kate Beckinsale, 50, Transforms Kitchen into Workout Space: Movie Star and Fitness Enthusiast Emily Prescott

### Kate Beckinsale’s Impromptu Kitchen Workout

Action movie star Kate Beckinsale, known for her hardcore fitness regimen, recently surprised her Instagram followers by turning her kitchen into an impromptu exercise area. The 50-year-old actress shared a video performing strength exercises against the kitchen cabinets while wearing a pink sports bra and tracksuit bottoms. This budget workout was quite a change for Kate, who is usually seen hitting the gym six times a week for intense training sessions. Her vigorous exercise regime often involves workouts using a weighted sled, burning up to 100 calories a minute.

### Cleo Watson’s Partygate Apology

Boris Johnson’s ex-aide Cleo Watson found herself in an awkward situation when she had to apologize to friends expecting an invitation to the launch party of her second political bonkbuster, Cleavage. Cleo, nicknamed The Gazelle during her time in No 10, explained that the election had put a kibosh on her planned bash, soothing hurt feelings caused by the apparent snub. This is not the only party Cleo has been wrongly suspected of having, adding to the humorous twist to the situation.

### Ellie Goulding’s Unintentional Charity Bash Booking

Pop star Ellie Goulding was signed up to sing at a charity bash organized by Zac Goldsmith, despite the former close friends severing contact earlier in the year. Ellie broke off their friendship when she began dating a surf instructor, while Zac is now seeing Hum Fleming. The unexpected booking led to some tension as Zac, known for his laid-back demeanor, was not thrilled with the situation.

### Adwoa Aboah’s Maternity Fashion Line

Model Adwoa Aboah, who recently revealed her pregnancy at New York’s Met Gala, could potentially launch her own maternity line in collaboration with H&M. Adwoa, known for her fashion-forward style, is reportedly in talks with the retailer to create a capsule collection for their maternity line. The 32-year-old, who is expecting her first child with US skater Daniel Wheatley, could see the new range hit stores as soon as this summer.

### Alice Temperley’s Animal Rescue Adventures

Fashion designer Alice Temperley, known for her elegant creations, seems to have a soft spot for animals as she recently took in a wandering peacock after it chased her car. This act of kindness adds to Alice’s reputation as an animal lover, having previously adopted a field mouse. After a brief stay, the peacock flew back to its original owners, showcasing Alice’s caring nature.

### Professor Green’s Rekindled Romance

Rapper Professor Green appears to have rekindled his romance with former fiancee Karima McAdams, five months after their split. The couple, who share a three-year-old son, looked happier than ever at the opening of a store in London. Professor Green, formerly married to Made In Chelsea’s Millie Mackintosh, seemed to be in good spirits as he reunited with Karima, hinting at a possible reconciliation.

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