Kate Middleton Photo Removed by News Agencies Due to Allegations of Manipulation

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge Issues Statement

UPDATED: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge recently addressed the controversy surrounding an image taken by her husband, Prince William, and published on March 10. The royal couple took to their Twitter/X account to share a message with their followers.

“The photograph we shared yesterday may have caused some confusion, and for that, we sincerely apologize. As an amateur photographer, I occasionally experiment with editing. I hope everyone celebrating Mother’s Day had a joyful time,” the statement read, signed off by “C,” indicating it came directly from Catherine.

News Agencies Pull Disputed Image

Following Catherine’s unspecified “abdominal” surgery, four major news agencies, including Reuters, the Associated Press, and Agence France-Press, removed the controversial image. The Press Association, a trusted news source for the Royal Family, also took down the photo after seeking clarification from Kensington Palace.

“In the absence of clarification, we are removing the image from our service,” stated the Press Association. Known for its reliability, the PA was the first to report Queen Elizabeth II’s death in 2022 and had exclusive access to video footage of Prince Archie’s birth in 2019.

Controversial Photograph and Response

The photograph captured Kate and her three children, taken by Prince William to mark U.K. Mothers Day. It was shared on the royal couple’s social media before being distributed to press agencies for syndication, a common practice for royal images.

However, major news agencies swiftly removed the image citing manipulation, editorial issues, and post-publication review. This caused significant public interest, as it was the first public appearance of the Duchess since Christmas Day.

Duchess’s Medical Leave and Speculations

Earlier statements from Kensington Palace revealed the Duchess’s planned abdominal surgery, leading to her extended medical leave. Speculations about her health were fueled by a paparazzi photo and rumors of her absence from public events.

The U.K. press and public initially welcomed the Mother’s Day image but soon pointed out discrepancies. The palace chose not to address the controversies surrounding the photograph or the reactions of news agencies.

Challenges for the Royal Family

The Duchess’s medical leave coincided with King Charles’s cancer diagnosis, adding to the challenges faced by the British Royal Family. King Charles is currently undergoing treatment, further highlighting the difficult period for the royals.

Variety has reached out to Kensington Palace for additional comments on the matter.

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