Kentucky Man Found Guilty of Felonies for Capitol Breach on January 6th

Kentucky Man Convicted of Capitol Breach on Jan. 6

Kentucky Man Found Guilty for Capitol Breach

A Kentucky man, identified as Mark, has been convicted for breaching the Capitol building on January 6. The individual, Michael Sparks, faced six charges, leading to his conviction on two felonies. Evidence presented during the trial included Sparks’ online statements referencing a civil war and the act of dragging individuals out of Congress. Surveillance footage captured Sparks climbing through a window that had been broken by rioters.

Details of the Conviction

Michael Sparks, the first person to breach the Capitol on January 6, has been found guilty. Sparks faced six charges, resulting in convictions for two felonies. Trial evidence revealed Sparks’ alarming online posts discussing a civil war and forcibly removing people from Congress. Surveillance video from the Capitol depicted Sparks climbing through a window broken by rioters using a police shield. Sparks is awaiting sentencing in July.


The conviction of Michael Sparks, a Kentucky man, for breaching the Capitol on January 6 highlights the consequences of participating in unlawful activities. The evidence presented during the trial, including online posts and surveillance footage, solidified Sparks’ guilt. This case serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding the law and respecting the sanctity of government institutions.

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