Korda’s 10 on one hole leads to an 80 in U.S. Women’s Open

Disastrous Start at the U.S. Women’s Open

In a shocking turn of events at the U.S. Women’s Open, Nelly Korda’s nightmare start led to a monumental struggle that left her 12 shots out of the lead. What began as a hopeful championship quickly turned into a day to forget.

The Unexpected 10

Walking off the par-3 12th hole with a score of 10, Korda’s day took a drastic turn for the worse. An unexpected series of shots from inside 70 feet left her in disbelief, with each attempt leading to more trouble.

A Challenging Hole

The 12th hole proved to be a significant challenge for many players, playing nearly a full stroke over par during the opening round. Korda’s struggles were exacerbated by suspect execution and questionable club selection.

Overcoming Adversity

Despite the setbacks, Korda remained resilient on the course, pushing through a series of missteps and missed opportunities. While facing a tough day, she embraced the reality of being human and acknowledged that bad days are part of the game.

Moving Forward

Looking ahead, Korda aims to bounce back from this rough start and showcase the solid golf that has defined her recent performances. As she navigates the challenges of the U.S. Women’s Open, she remains determined to overcome adversity and rise to the occasion.

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