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Larry Wheels and ‘The Kendall Jenner of Bodybuilding’ Crush Shoulder Workout

Vladislava Galagan, also known as ‘The Kendall Jenner of Bodybuilding,’ recently collaborated with Larry Wheels for an intense shoulder workout. The two fitness influencers also discussed their experiences using performance-enhancing drugs.

About Larry Wheels and Vladislava Galagan

Larry Wheels is a prominent figure in the fitness world, known for his superhuman strength, viral videos, and engaging gym content. He has excelled in various sports such as arm-wrestling, powerlifting, strongman, and bodybuilding.

Vladislava Galagan, on the other hand, gained fame after her OnlyFans work went viral. She is recognized for maintaining a ripped physique while preserving her feminine features, which has captivated a large following.

The Shoulder Workout

During their collaboration, Larry Wheels and Vladislava Galagan performed a shoulder workout that included exercises such as dumbbell shoulder press, barbell upright rows, and side lateral raises. Wheels shared how he adjusted the shoulder pressing movements due to mobility issues.

Going Viral and Using PEDs

Vladislava Galagan discussed her viral online presence and how she maintains a feminine appearance despite her impressive physique. Larry Wheels expressed his admiration for Galagan’s unique combination of femininity and muscular development. They also talked about their experiences with performance-enhancing drugs and their effects on their bodies.

Training Strategies and Goals

Galagan revealed her max shoulder press weight and discussed her training cycles. Wheels reflected on his own experiences when he’s off performance-enhancing drugs, mentioning that he tends to lose size. Wheels also shared his pre-fatigue strategy before workouts, emphasizing the importance of training to failure and high volume for optimal results.

Future Aspirations

Vladislava Galagan expressed her aspirations for the Olympia competition and the challenges she faced with a misguided steroid cycle. Larry Wheels, after placing second at the 2023 Amateur Olympia, is seen as a rising star in the Classic Physique category, with fans and IFBB judge Terrick El Guindy expecting him to have a significant impact on the sport.


Larry Wheels and Vladislava Galagan’s collaboration for an intense shoulder workout garnered attention in the fitness community. Their discussion about performance-enhancing drugs and their training strategies provided insights into their fitness journeys. Both influencers continue to inspire and motivate their followers with their dedication to building strength and achieving their goals.

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