Lava from Iceland volcano eruption poses a threat to Grindavik

Iceland Volcano Eruption Threatens Town with Lava

Volcano Erupts in Iceland, Threatening Coastal Town with Lava


A volcano erupted in southwestern Iceland on Sunday after a series of earthquakes in the early morning, according to the country’s meteorological office. The eruption poses a threat to the nearby coastal town of Grindavik as streams of slow-moving lava flow towards it.

Eruption Details

The eruption began around 8 a.m. local time on Iceland’s southern peninsula, officials confirmed. It occurred near the same location where an eruption last month led to the evacuation of nearly 4,000 residents of Grindavik.

Photos of the Eruption

Photos of Sunday’s eruption were captured from a Coast Guard helicopter and shared by Icelandic police officials. These images depict the lava flowing on the ground and illuminating the night sky, approaching roads and buildings. Within an hour of the eruption’s start, lava had reached within 1,500 feet of the northernmost buildings in Grindavik.

Expert Analysis

In an interview with national broadcaster RUV, seismologist Kristin Jonsdottir estimated that it would take hours for the lava to reach the town if it continued along its current path. She emphasized the need for constant monitoring of the lava flow and its direction.

Evacuations and Alert Level

Officials have estimated that the eruption is located south-southeast of Hagafell and have initiated evacuations in the surrounding area. Grindavik residents were evacuated starting at 4 a.m., following the detection of earthquakes and the assessment that an eruption was imminent. Vacationers in the Svartsengi area, home to Iceland’s famous Blue Lagoon, were also evacuated.


The civil protection agency of Iceland raised the public safety alert level from “danger” to “emergency” on Sunday morning, indicating the severity of the situation.

Source: Iceland volcano erupts after weeks of warnings and a town’s evacuation

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