Lawyer Claims Trump Appointed Jeffrey Clark as Acting AG Before Jan. 6 Attack, According to Tickle The Wire

The Mystery Behind Trump’s Alleged Appointment of Jeffrey Clark

As the investigation into the events of January 6 continues, one of the key questions that remain unanswered is whether Donald Trump authorized Jeffrey Clark, a crucial ally in his efforts to challenge the 2020 election results, to take charge of the entire Justice Department.

During a recent disciplinary hearing aimed at determining the fate of Clark’s law license in Washington D.C., his attorney, Harry MacDougald, provided a brief insight into the situation. According to MacDougald, there was a brief period on January 3 when Clark served as the acting attorney general until Trump reversed his decision later that day.

Reports have indicated that senior DOJ officials expressed concerns about potential mass resignations if Trump proceeded with Clark’s appointment. Clark, previously known for his work in environmental law at the Justice Department, was a relatively obscure figure in the legal world.

Although it was widely speculated, it remained a mystery whether Trump formally designated Clark as the Acting Attorney General.

The Unveiling of Call Logs

The Jan. 6 select committee recently uncovered call logs from January 3, 2021, revealing a series of conversations between Trump and Clark. While the first three calls identified Clark as “Mr. Jeffrey Clark,” the fourth call notably referred to him as “Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Clark.”

According to a report released by the committee, contemporaneous White House documents suggest that Clark had indeed been appointed as the Acting Attorney General.

Clark’s Evasive Tactics

Despite mounting evidence and scrutiny, Clark has consistently evaded questions regarding his alleged appointment. During the disbarment hearing, he invoked the Fifth Amendment multiple times, refusing to provide clarity on the situation.

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