List of Meat and Poultry Suppliers Released by CHK

### CHK Releases List of Meat and Poultry Suppliers

Rabbi Yosef Kirszenberg, CHK Kashrus Director of the Crown Heights Beis Din, has recently published a list of establishments that continue to offer CHK Certified Meat and Poultry. This move comes in light of the withdrawal of supervision from AgriStar, Shor Habor, emphasizing the availability of other reliable options under CHK supervision.

### Reliable Options Under CHK Supervision

The list includes various establishments that are currently under CHK supervision, providing the Crown Heights community with alternatives for their kosher meat and poultry needs. From David Elliot Poultry Farm for chicken and poultry to Southern Kosher Meat from Stonehill Group, consumers have a range of options to choose from.

### Diverse Selection of Kosher Products

In addition to the traditional meat and poultry options, CHK also oversees Generation 7 Springfield Distributors, offering cold cuts and poultry from David Elliot and StoneHill. Other establishments on the list include Rubashkin Meat Store Wholesale, CH Butcher, Holy Wagyu for Wagyu meats, and L’Chaim Farms for Bison products. Market Place Yossi’s Cut, Empire Kosher Yossi’s Cut, and House of Glatt Yossi’s Cut are also part of the list of CHK Certified suppliers.

### Continued Support and Trust in CHK

Rabbi Yosef Kirszenberg, CHK Kashrus Director, expressed gratitude for the community’s ongoing support and trust in CHK. The commitment to providing reliable and diverse kosher options remains a top priority for the Crown Heights Beis Din. The list of establishments under CHK supervision will be updated regularly to ensure consumers have access to high-quality kosher products.

For the full list of CHK Certified Meat and Poultry suppliers, you can visit the [Full Story]( to explore the options available to the community.

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