Livestream SpaceX’s Crew-7 astronaut mission returning to Earth on March 12

SpaceX Crew-7 Astronauts Return Safely to Earth

The Return Journey

The four astronauts of SpaceX’s Crew-7 mission made a successful return to Earth early Tuesday morning (March 12). The Dragon capsule named Endurance splashed down at 5:50 a.m. EDT off the coast of Pensacola, Florida. The recovery crew quickly arrived at the site to begin the retrieval process, monitored by thermal cameras.

Recovery Operations

The recovery crew promptly hooked up the Dragon capsule to begin the lift from the sea. Once the capsule was safely retrieved, the parachutes responsible for guiding Endurance back to Earth were carefully examined for safety. After thorough checks, the Dragon capsule was lifted onto a recovery ship using a hydraulic lift.

Astronauts’ Return

The Crew-7 astronauts emerged from the Endurance Dragon capsule at 6:36 a.m. EDT, with Andy Mogensen being assisted out first. Following 199 days in low-Earth orbit, the crew will undergo medical evaluations to ensure their well-being after the journey.

Mission Details

Endurance undocked from the International Space Station on Monday, marking the end of the astronauts’ 6.5-month stay in space. The Crew-7 mission, comprising astronauts from NASA, European Space Agency, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, and Russia’s Roscosmos, launched to the ISS in August.

SpaceX’s Astronaut Missions

SpaceX has successfully completed eight operational astronaut flights to the ISS for NASA, with more missions planned. The agency’s partnership with SpaceX has been instrumental in advancing crewed space exploration. Meanwhile, Boeing is gearing up for its first astronaut mission for NASA, set to launch in the near future.

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