Man accused of assaulting Danish prime minister to appear in pre-trial custody hearing

Assault on Danish Prime Minister

Man Who Assaulted Danish Prime Minister Faces Pre-Trial Hearing

Incident Details

In central Copenhagen, a 39-year-old man reportedly assaulted Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. The man will appear in a pre-trial custody hearing following the incident. The Prime Minister’s office confirmed the incident, stating that Frederiksen was “shocked” by what happened. Eyewitnesses described the man pushing Frederiksen on the shoulder.

Eye Witness Accounts

Two eyewitnesses, Anna Ravn and Marie Adrian, observed the assault on Frederiksen. They reported that a man walked towards the Prime Minister and forcefully pushed her on the shoulder. Another witness, Kasper Jørgensen, mentioned that the man was swiftly taken down by security personnel.

International Reactions

Politicians globally condemned the assault on Frederiksen. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg expressed shock, emphasizing the need to protect democratic values. Leaders from Sweden and Finland also denounced the violence against democratically elected officials.

EU Parliamentary Elections

As European Union parliamentary elections are ongoing, Frederiksen has been actively campaigning with the Social Democrats’ EU lead candidate, Christel Schaldemose. The recent attack on the Prime Minister was not related to any campaign event.

Political Climate

Violence against politicians has been a concern during the EU elections. Recent incidents in Germany and Slovakia have highlighted the risks faced by political figures. Frederiksen, serving as Denmark’s Prime Minister since 2019, has navigated challenging situations, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

Historical Perspective

Assaults on politicians in Denmark are uncommon. A notable incident in 2003 involved activists throwing red paint at the then-Prime Minister inside the parliament. Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller was also affected by the incident.

Jari Tanner in Helsinki and David Keyton in Berlin contributed to this report.

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