Massive landslide in Papua New Guinea leaves up to 2,000 people feared buried

Devastating Landslide in Papua New Guinea

As per the CNN report, up to 2,000 individuals are feared to be trapped under the massive landslide that struck the mountainous Enga region in northern Papua New Guinea. This devastating incident has caused significant destruction, with more than 150 houses buried in debris in the remote village of Kaokalam.

Escalating Numbers

Initially, estimates suggested around 100 casualties, but this number surged to 670 based on data from the Chief of Mission for the International Organization for Migration. The latest projection from Papua New Guinea’s disaster agency indicates that the actual figure may be much higher than previously thought.

Urgent Rescue Efforts

Rescuers are working tirelessly to locate any survivors amidst the shifting landslip that continues to pose a threat to both rescuers and those trapped. The main highway leading to the affected area is completely blocked, hindering rescue operations and exacerbating the critical situation.

Ongoing Risk

The area remains highly dangerous, with rocks still falling and the ground soil under constant pressure. The magnitude of the damage is extensive, necessitating immediate and collaborative action from all stakeholders to address the crisis effectively.

Remote Impact

The disaster has left a scar of debris equivalent to four football pitches in the vicinity of Kaokalam, underscoring the immense scale of the catastrophe. The economic lifeline of the country has been severely impacted, with buildings and food gardens destroyed in the wake of the landslide.

For the latest updates on the situation in Papua New Guinea, stay tuned to CNN.

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