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Squats: How to Do Them Correctly for Golfers

Squats are a popular exercise for many reasons, especially for golfers. Golf Digest Certified Fitness Trainer Ann-Kristin Allen explains that squats offer numerous benefits, including lower body strength, healthy knees and back, improved posture, and increased mobility of the knees, hips, and ankles. Additionally, squats can help golfers learn how to generate power in their swing by utilizing the ground effectively. However, to reap these benefits, it is crucial to perform squats correctly. Here are four key things to keep in mind when doing squats.

## Start with your feet shoulder-width apart, and your feet pointed slightly out.

According to Allen, it is important to begin squats with your feet shoulder-width apart and slightly pointed out. This foot positioning allows the patella (kneecap) to naturally track slightly outward, which should be followed during the squatting motion.

## Drive your knees forward over the second toe as you lower yourself down.

During the squat, it is essential to drive your knees forward over the second toe as you lower yourself down. Allen advises maintaining the same distance between driving the knees forward and pushing the tailbone back. This technique ensures proper form and maximizes the benefits of the exercise.

## Maintain a straight spine angle throughout.

To maintain a straight spine angle throughout the squat, Allen suggests imagining that your sternum is lifted up and forward. This mental cue helps keep the spine in the correct position and prevents rounding or excessive arching.

## Bend from the hips, not the back.

It is crucial to bend from the hips rather than the back during squats. To ensure proper hip bending, Allen recommends using a golf club as a support tool. Hold the club so that the clubhead rests at the back of your head and the shaft runs down your spine. Throughout the squat, the shaft should remain in contact with your spine. This technique helps you realize if you’re bending from the hips or the back. If the shaft leaves your spine, it indicates improper form and potential strain on the back.

By following these guidelines, golfers can perform squats correctly and experience the full range of benefits they offer. Remember to focus on foot positioning, driving the knees forward, maintaining a straight spine angle, and bending from the hips. These key elements will help golfers optimize their squatting exercise routine and improve their overall golf performance.

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