Megan Fox Discloses Rigorous Diet and Resistance to Working Out

### Megan Fox’s Fitness Secrets Revealed

Actress Megan Fox has been turning heads with her impressive physique, which includes a shredded torso and tiny waist. Despite her recent revelation that she doesn’t exercise, the 37-year-old star continues to maintain her super-toned figure through a carefully curated lifestyle.

### Megan Fox Says She Doesn’t Exercise

In a recent Instagram post that garnered over 2 million likes, Megan shared a photo showcasing her washboard abs and assets. The caption humorously stated, “I don’t exercise. If God had wanted me to bend over he would have put diamonds on the floor.” While the caption was likely meant in jest, Megan has previously discussed her intense workout routine, which includes bursts of cardio with heavy weights and circuit training.

### No Pretzels, Bread, Or Chips

Megan follows a strict low-carb lifestyle, cutting out bread, crackers, pretzels, and chips from her diet. She opts for gluten-free bread if she wants toast and avoids cheat days. The actress has been open about suffering from body dysmorphia and maintains a disciplined approach to her diet to stay in shape.

### Zero-Tolerance For Alcohol

Similar to talk show host Kelly Ripa, Megan abstains from alcohol entirely. She also avoids smoking and coffee, sticking to a strict diet regimen. Megan has expressed her aversion to alcohol, likening its effects to extracting her essence, which is why she has steered clear of it for so long.

### Impossibly Toned In Swimwear

Fans of Megan Fox are treated to regular glimpses of her toned physique, which is evident from head to toe. In a recent beach snap, the actress flaunted her sculpted arms, cheesegrater abs, and toned legs while exuding confidence despite looking a little caught off guard.

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