Most red states are expected to adopt climate plans in the near future

Climate Plans in the U.S.

Climate Planning Initiative

By the end of this week, the majority of U.S. states will have formulated a comprehensive climate plan. This significant progress is attributed to the Climate Pollution Reduction Grant program, a crucial component of President Joe Biden’s landmark climate legislation.

State Participation

Under this program, states were provided with $3 million each to develop their climate plans. Remarkably, almost all governors, with the exception of only five, seized this opportunity. Consequently, climate planning has gained momentum in state capitals, particularly among Republican-led states that had previously shown minimal interest in decarbonization efforts.

Submission Deadlines

As the deadline approaches, states are required to submit their finalized climate plans to the Environmental Protection Agency by Friday. Following this, there is an April deadline for states to apply for implementation grants ranging from $2 million to $500 million. Additionally, a separate process has allocated $300 million for tribes and territories to participate in climate planning initiatives.

Promoting Innovation

These grants serve as an incentive for states to explore and implement innovative policies that could potentially be adopted by other states or even at the federal level. This collaborative approach aims to drive widespread climate action and foster a culture of environmental sustainability.

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