Mother in Texas alleges police forced her face into a pile of fire ants, leaving her with hundreds of bite marks on head and neck

Allegations Against Police in Santa Fe

A Texas woman, Taylor Rogers, accused police officers in Santa Fe of holding her face down in a pile of fire ants, leaving bite marks all over her head and chest. Rogers alleged that the incident occurred on Aug. 19, 2021, while she was taking her son to school.

Details of the Lawsuit

Rogers initially filed a federal civil lawsuit in July, amending it in January, claiming that an officer came running up to her vehicle yelling for her to stop. Panicking, she drove the wrong way down a bus-only lane due to having a mental illness and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

fire ant bite marks
Taylor Rogers after her arrest. (Source: KPRC)

Incident Escalation

The lawsuit stated that a second officer arrived at the scene, violently slammed Rogers to the ground, handcuffed her tightly, twisted her leg, hog-tied her, and buried her face in a pile of fire ants.

In a video, Rogers is seen lying on the grass screaming as ants crawl on her face, pleading with the officer to stop.

Response from Authorities

Ruben Espinoza, the police chief for the Santa Fe Independent School District, contested the claims made by Rogers, stating that the officers acted professionally during her arrest. However, Rogers’ attorney, Randall Kallinen, is demanding disciplinary action against the involved officers.

Despite conflicting accounts, the incident continues to raise concerns about law enforcement practices and the treatment of individuals in such situations.

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