Multiple Fatalities as Small Plane Collides with Mobile Home Park in Florida

Tragic Plane Crash in Clearwater

Tragic Plane Crash in Clearwater

Multiple Fatalities in Clearwater Plane Crash

A devastating incident occurred in Clearwater, Florida, as a single-engine plane crashed into a waterfront mobile home park on Thursday evening. Tragically, several people lost their lives in the accident, which also resulted in significant damage to four homes and a widespread fire in the area, according to officials.

Mobile Home Park Engulfed in Flames

The impact of the crash caused one home to bear the brunt of the collision, resulting in numerous fatalities both inside the aircraft and within the mobile home itself. Clearwater’s Fire Chief, Scott Ehlers, informed the media about the casualties during a press conference. The crash led to a massive fire, engulfing a portion of the Bayside Waters mobile home park. While three other homes suffered damage, fortunately, no individuals were harmed inside those residences.

Details of the Crash

The aircraft involved in the incident was identified as a Beechcraft Bonanza V35. The exact number of people aboard the plane remains unknown as of early Friday, as stated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Videos shared online captured the horrifying scene, with homes enveloped in an intense orange blaze and thick smoke billowing into the sky.

The Fire Department received the distress call at 7:08 p.m. and promptly dispatched crews to the park, who arrived at approximately 7:15 p.m. Chief Ehlers emphasized their swift response, mentioning that the firefighters successfully extinguished the blaze in a short period of time.

Rescue Efforts and Investigation

Chief Ehlers revealed that around the same time his department received the emergency call, the St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport, located just three miles away, had also mobilized its fire response units for an “aircraft having an emergency” situation. The pilot had issued a “mayday” distress call via radio to the airport.

Further details regarding the incident were shared by Chief Ehlers at the crash site, explaining that the aircraft disappeared from radar approximately three miles north of the runway.

The National Transportation Safety Board will oversee the investigation, as confirmed by the FAA.

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