Multiple Trump supporters who participated in the events of January 6 are seeking political office in the upcoming year.

Former Capitol Rioters Running for Elected Office

Kimberly Dragoo, Missouri

Kimberly Dragoo, convicted for her role in the January 6 Capitol attack, is currently running for a seat on the St. Joseph Board of Education in Missouri. Dragoo, along with her husband, participated in the riot, and she now faces a crowded field of 10 candidates vying for three open seats. The election is set for April 2, making it a crucial contest for the district’s 10,000 students and 1,500 staff members.

Michele Morrow, North Carolina

Michele Morrow, a primary winner for North Carolina Superintendent of Public Education, attended the “Stop the Steal” rally but did not enter the Capitol. Despite facing controversy over past social media posts, Morrow is in the spotlight for her candidacy and is set to face off against Democrat Mo Green in the upcoming election. With nearly 3,000 public schools and 1.4 million children under her potential oversight, Morrow’s bid has garnered significant attention.

Jason Riddle, New Hampshire

Jason Riddle, serving a 90-day prison sentence for his role in the Capitol riot, now aims to run for Congress in New Hampshire’s Second District. Riddle, known for chugging wine inside the Capitol and expressing uncertainty about the office he sought to run for, is committed to challenging Democratic Rep. Annie Kuster. As one of the Republicans seeking the GOP primary nomination, Riddle’s candidacy has generated interest and scrutiny.

Anthony Kern, Arizona

Anthony Kern, a current Arizona state senator, faces allegations related to the January 6 events. Kern, who signed a document falsely “certifying” Arizona’s election for Trump, is now running for Congress in Arizona’s 8th District. With multiple opponents and ongoing investigations against him, Kern’s bid for higher office is closely watched in the solidly Republican district located in the northwest Phoenix suburbs.

Jacob Chansley, Arizona

Jacob Chansley, also known as the “QAnon Shaman,” is exploring a run for Congress in Arizona, seeking the same seat as Anthony Kern but as a libertarian candidate. Despite his felony conviction and notorious attire from the Capitol riot, Chansley’s declaration for public office has raised eyebrows. Without a campaign website or formal candidacy filing, Chansley’s potential candidacy remains shrouded in uncertainty.

Derrick Evans, West Virginia

Derrick Evans, a former West Virginia state lawmaker sentenced to three months in prison for his role in the Capitol attack, is now running for Congress in the state’s 1st District. Facing off against incumbent Republican Carol Miller in a pivotal primary, Evans seeks a political comeback after his infamous livestream from inside the Capitol on January 6.

Katrina Pierson, Texas

Katrina Pierson, a notable figure in conservative politics, is heading to a runoff election…

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