Neo-Nazi suspect charged with stealing police helmet on Jan. 6

The Tale of a Capitol Rioter’s Self-Proclaimed “War Trophy”

Richard Ackerman, a man from New Hampshire involved in storming the Capitol on Jan. 6, has admitted to obstructing police and stealing a police officer’s helmet as his self-proclaimed “war trophy.” This plea deal was announced by the Justice Department, revealing Ackerman’s ties to a neo-Nazi group.

Ackerman’s Guilty Plea and Admission

In a plea agreement, Richard Ackerman confessed to traveling to Washington, D.C., from New Hampshire and engaging in the Capitol riot. He admitted to throwing a water bottle at police officers inside the Capitol’s Lower West Terrace Tunnel.

Text Messages and Boasts

Following his arrest, Ackerman shared text messages celebrating his actions. He described the stolen helmet as his “war trophy” and boasted about his involvement in the riot to various recipients.

Neo-Nazi Group Connection

The FBI received a tip about Ackerman’s involvement in the Capitol riot, linking him to the neo-Nazi group known as New England 131. This group, also known as the “White Defense Force,” harbors extremist views.

Search and Discovery

Through a search of Ackerman’s phone, prosecutors found incriminating evidence, including texts about the stolen helmet. A selfie of Ackerman wearing the helmet was also discovered.

Sentencing and Dropping of Charges

Richard Ackerman remains on pretrial release and is awaiting sentencing. In exchange for his guilty plea, certain charges related to assaulting and disorderly conduct will be dropped.

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