Nikki Haley’s Prospects in New Hampshire Improve with Chris Christie’s Exit

The Republican Nomination Race Takes an Unexpected Turn as Chris Christie Drops Out

Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s decision to drop out of the presidential race has shaken up the contest for the Republican nomination. This unexpected development has given a boost to Nikki Haley, who is now within striking distance of former President Donald Trump. The battleground in New Hampshire is likely to see significant changes, as many voters who planned to support Christie as an opponent of Trump may now flip to Haley. Additionally, Christie’s departure shifts the focus of the race from Trump’s return to the threat that Haley poses to his coronation.

Haley’s Momentum Grows with Endorsements and Momentum in New Hampshire

Former New Hampshire senator John Sununu argues that Haley’s momentum will have broader implications beyond New Hampshire. He highlights her balanced budgets, strong conservative leadership, and ability to avoid chaos, making her a formidable opponent for Trump. Haley’s recent endorsement by Chris Sununu, the current governor of New Hampshire, further solidifies her position as a serious contender in the race. A recent CNN poll shows that 65% of Christie’s supporters would back Haley if their first choice were not in the contest. A victory for Haley in New Hampshire would be a seismic shock in the Republican Party.

Christie’s Departure Shifts Focus to Haley and Trump

Chris Christie’s departure from the race has significant implications for the upcoming Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries. While it may push some of Christie’s supporters in Iowa to vote for Haley, it also shifts the attention to the two-person dynamic between Haley and Trump. This change takes away valuable oxygen from Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, who needs it the most in Iowa. Furthermore, Christie’s absence makes a victory for Haley in New Hampshire more plausible, giving her momentum as she heads into her home state of South Carolina.

Haley’s Coalition Expands and Gains Momentum

Republican strategist Matthew Bartlett sees Haley as obtaining the final puzzle piece as she builds a broad coalition of Republicans. Her appeal extends to former Trump supporters, like retired Army general Don Bolduc, and “old Yankee Republicans,” like Governor Sununu and his brother. If Haley were to win or come in a close second in New Hampshire, it would be a seismic shock in the Republican Party and solidify her position as a serious contender.

Uncertain Impact of Christie’s Supporters and Criticisms of Haley

While it is uncertain how many of Christie’s supporters will shift their allegiance to Haley, it is clear that some of them will not back Trump. Independent voters like Fergus Cullen express concerns about Haley’s potential alliance with Trump, as it could betray their hope for an anti-Trump candidate. However, internal polling from Americans for Prosperity Action suggests that in a head-to-head matchup, Haley and Trump are statistically tied. The Trump campaign suggests that Christie’s withdrawal could polarize the primary, portraying Haley as part of the D.C. establishment and further alienating the Republican electorate.

Challenges and Opportunities for Haley Beyond New Hampshire

While Haley faces an uphill battle in states like South Carolina, where Trump remains the prohibitive favorite, winning in New Hampshire could change the game for her. As she gains momentum, South Carolinians who previously voted for her may be willing to take a second look. Although the road ahead is challenging, winning tends to beget winning, and Haley’s strong showing in New Hampshire can have a ripple effect in other states.


The unexpected exit of Chris Christie from the Republican nomination race has upended the dynamics of the contest. Nikki Haley now emerges as a serious contender, with a strong chance of challenging Donald Trump’s dominance. Her momentum in New Hampshire and the support she has garnered from influential figures in the Republican Party position her as a formidable opponent. With the race shifting its focus to Haley and Trump, the upcoming contests in Iowa and New Hampshire are sure to be closely watched. Haley’s ability to appeal to a wide range of Republicans, as well as her balanced budgets and strong leadership, make her a force to be reckoned with in the race for the Republican nomination.

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