No Charges to Be Filed in USC Student Nicholas Donofrio’s Fatal Shooting After Entering Wrong Home

Justifiable Homicide in South Carolina: A Case of Mistaken Identity

Justifiable Homicide in South Carolina: A Case of Mistaken Identity

The Tragic Incident

It was a heartbreaking case that unfolded in Columbia, South Carolina. Nicholas Anthony Donofrio, a 20-year-old sophomore from Connecticut, was fatally shot in the early hours of Saturday morning. Donofrio, who resided on South Holly Street, tragically attempted to enter the wrong home, leading to the fatal encounter.

A Justifiable Homicide

The Columbia Police Department has concluded that the shooting was a justifiable homicide, and no charges will be filed. This decision was made after an extensive examination of evidence gathered at the scene, including surveillance video, audio evidence, and witness statements. The Fifth Circuit Solicitor’s Office was also consulted in this matter.

The Investigation

According to the police department’s release, investigators determined that Donofrio mistakenly went to the wrong home and repeatedly attempted to enter by knocking, banging, and kicking at the front door. As he tried to manipulate the doorknob, he broke the front door glass window and reached inside. It was at this moment that the homeowner, who has chosen to remain anonymous, fired a single shot through the broken window, resulting in the tragic loss of Donofrio’s life.

A National Trend

This incident adds to a series of similar cases across the nation where victims have been shot due to mistaken identity. It serves as a stark reminder that the United States has more guns than people, leading to tragic consequences. In April, a teenager in Missouri was shot in the head after ringing the wrong doorbell, while a woman in upstate New York was shot and killed after pulling into the wrong driveway en route to a party.

A Message of Condolences

Chief W.H. “Skip” Holbrook expressed his condolences to the Donofrio family, stating, “Our lead investigator has diligently worked to gather all the facts surrounding this incident. We at the Columbia Police Department extend our deepest sympathies for their immeasurable loss.”

Support for Students

The University of South Carolina is providing resources and support to those affected by this tragedy. Student affairs personnel are readily available to assist students during this difficult time. It is essential to remind all students that help is always within reach.

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