Nonprofit in Detroit Recognizes Innovators in Sustainable Fashion

### Honoring Sustainable Fashion Leaders in Detroit

The average American spends close to $2,000 on clothes and fashion each year, contributing to the global carbon dioxide emissions produced by waste in garment manufacturing. In an effort to promote sustainability in the fashion industry, the Industrial Sewing and Innovation Center (ISAIC) in Detroit is honoring leaders who are making a difference in the industry. The event will take place at the Madison downtown, where four fashion professionals will be recognized for their efforts to reduce waste and promote responsible manufacturing practices.

### Tapping into Spiritual Energy

Ewenique Wilson, a 24-year-old jewelry designer from Detroit, is being honored for her commitment to excellence and continued learning in the industry. Wilson, who started creating jewelry four years ago, joined ISAIC’s apprenticeship program to expand her skills. She now runs her own jewelry line, E Sul Kei, creating pieces that connect the wearer to their ancestors and spiritual entities. Wilson’s dedication to sustainability and craftsmanship has earned her the Alumni of the Year Award.

### Tackling Waste in Material Use

Dana Davis, the vice president of sustainability, product, and business strategy for Mara Hoffman in New York, is receiving an award for her work in promoting sustainability in the fashion industry. Davis played a key role in shifting the company’s practices to prioritize the planet and reduce waste. By analyzing materials and supply chains, Mara Hoffman has improved its sustainability practices, earning a Level 2 ranking from Textile Exchange. Davis will be honored with the Change Clothes, Change Lives award at the event.

### Investing in the Little Guys

Alexander Zar, founder of La La Land Design & Production, is being recognized for his commitment to investing in domestic manufacturing. Zar started his company with just one employee and has since grown it into a business of 200 artisans producing high-quality footwear and handbags. By paying fair wages and focusing on employee development, Zar hopes to inspire other brands to invest in domestic production as a way to reduce waste and improve efficiency.

### Zero-Waste Design

Shelly Xu, founder of New York-based SXD, is receiving the Innovator of the Year Award for her dedication to zero-waste design. Xu’s company focuses on creating patterns that minimize raw material consumption and reusing leftover materials for new designs. By promoting sustainable practices and innovative solutions, Xu is working to address the fashion industry’s waste problem. Her commitment to creativity and sustainability has earned her recognition as an industry leader.

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