Officials Confirm Both Idaho Suspected Shooter and Escaped Inmate in Custody Following Manhunt

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Escaped Inmate and Accomplice Arrested in Twin Falls, Idaho

An escaped inmate and his alleged accomplice, both members of a white supremacist gang, were apprehended in Twin Falls, Idaho, following an extensive manhunt.

Escaped Inmate Skylar Meade and Nicholas Umphenour

The incident began when Inmate Skylar Meade broke free from a medical center in Boise, with Nicholas Umphenour allegedly firing upon corrections officers escorting Meade back to prison.

Arrest in Twin Falls

Boise Police Chief Ron Winegar announced the arrest of the suspects in the Twin Falls area after a brief vehicle chase. The suspects were apprehended without any gunfire.

Suspects Potentially Linked to Homicides

Two recent homicides in Idaho are under investigation for possible connections to the suspects, with the victims found in separate counties. The suspects were driving a vehicle belonging to one of the victims.

Connection Between Meade and Umphenour

Upon identifying Umphenour as a suspect, investigators uncovered the shared history between him and Meade, both affiliated with the Aryan Knights white supremacist gang.

Prison Gang Monitoring

Despite their gang affiliation, officials emphasized that the escape was not sanctioned by the Aryan Knights. The Department of Correction actively monitors gangs to prevent criminal activities within the prison facilities.

Role of Public Tips in Capture

The successful capture of the suspects was attributed to the public’s assistance through numerous tips and coordinated efforts by law enforcement agencies.

Officers Injured

Following the escape, Meade exhibited self-harming behavior, leading to a transfer for medical treatment. Umphenour later attacked officers at a medical center, resulting in injuries to multiple correctional staff.

Recovery of Injured Officers

While one officer was discharged from the hospital, the remaining two officers are in stable condition. Director Tewalt commended their resilience amidst the challenging situation.

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