Officials report that over 90 people have died in Mozambique ferry disaster –

Mozambique Ferry Disaster News

Tragic Events Unfold in Mozambique

Multiple Reports of a Devastating Ferry Disaster

Recent news from Mozambique has brought to light a series of tragic events involving ferry disasters that have resulted in a significant loss of life. Various sources have reported on the incidents, highlighting the severity of the situation.

Official Statements Confirm the Loss of Lives

According to, more than 90 individuals have lost their lives in the Mozambique ferry disaster. The Guardian reports at least 94 casualties, while CBS News notes that almost 100 people have been killed.

Details of the Tragedies Unfolding

Reports from TIME indicate that the ferry sank near Mozambique, resulting in the loss of at least 90 lives. The incident has also been covered by Yahoo! Voices, which reports that 96 individuals have lost their lives in this tragedy.

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