Online calculator designed to assist homeowners and renters in discovering energy savings under the Inflation Reduction Act

Michigan Energy Efficiency Calculator Helps Homeowners Save With clean energy Upgrades

Rewiring America Launches Michigan-Specific Calculator

Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit Rewiring America has introduced a Michigan-specific calculator to assist homeowners and renters in estimating potential savings from clean energy incentives and tax credits. These incentives are a result of the Biden-Harris Administration’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and other local, state, and utility programs. The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) reports that the programs cover a variety of zero-emissions technologies including heat pumps, induction stoves, electric vehicles (EV), and more.

Estimating Savings with the Calculator

The Michigan Energy Efficient Upgrade Savings Calculator, hosted on EGLE’s website, allows Michigan residents to input household details and receive personalized estimates on potential savings from efficient electric appliances and energy-saving technologies. Rewiring America estimates that households can receive an average of $10,600 in federal incentives, leading to annual savings of $2,000 on energy bills.

Empowering Michigan Residents

EGLE Director Phil Roos emphasized the importance of clean energy improvements made possible by federal incentives. The calculator equips homeowners and renters to make informed decisions about energy-efficient upgrades, contributing to a cleaner environment and cost savings.

Rewiring America’s Impact

Rewiring America CEO Ari Matusiak praised Michigan for being at the forefront of the energy transition. The calculator simplifies the process for households to explore electrification options, making important home upgrades more accessible and affordable.

Statewide Efforts and Progress

Governor Gretchen Whitmer showcased the calculator at the Clean Economy and Community Impact Summit, highlighting the state’s commitment to clean energy transformation. She urged Michiganders to take advantage of federal programs and improve their quality of life through cost-saving initiatives.

National and Local Collaboration

The summit discussed the economic benefits of federal investments in clean energy, emphasizing Michigan’s position to lead in job creation and community development. EGLE reported that tools like the Michigan Energy Efficient Upgrade Savings Calculator will enable families to maximize federal funding opportunities.

Advancing clean energy Initiatives

Rewiring America’s collaboration with fellows resulted in the development of the calculator, supported by funding and technical expertise. The Inflation Reduction Act is driving significant investments in clean energy, aiming to reduce energy-related emissions and promote energy independence.

Future Opportunities for Michigan Families

Michigan continues to attract federal funding for clean energy projects, offering programs like the Home Energy Rebate Programs to support energy efficiency upgrades and electrification efforts. Families can benefit from rebates and incentives to make their homes more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Exploring Funding Opportunities

For more information on federal funding opportunities related to clean energy and climate initiatives, visit EGLE’s climate and energy funding opportunities webpage. Michigan remains committed to building a clean energy economy that benefits communities, workers, and businesses.

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