Our Observations from New York Bridal Fashion Week

### New York Bridal Fashion Week Highlights

Designers brought a bit of theater to New York Bridal Fashion Week, which was held from April 2-4, showcasing their spring and summer 2025 collections. The event kicked off with an interactive collaboration between Justin Alexander and street artist Gioele Corradengo, known as Sexsdreams. Attendees had the opportunity to spray-paint a wedding dress, creating their own work of art. Additionally, Cinq unveiled its new collection with a candlelit dinner-style presentation that combined elements of Shakespearean drama and Hitchcock film.

### Bridal Brand Debuts and Returns

A standout moment of the week was a marriage proposal by model Erica Honing’s boyfriend during Galia Lahav’s presentation. The event also saw bridal brand debuts from designers Alejandra Alonso Rojas, Courte Collection, and Nordeen, as well as the return of Odylyne the Ceremony to Bridal Fashion Week after a brief absence. Claire Pettibone also revealed her highly anticipated East Coast flagship boutique in Midtown Manhattan.

### Trends on the Runways

Many designers opted for nontraditional and versatile looks on the runways and during presentations. Brenna Simmons, the founder and creative director of Nordeen, highlighted the inclusion of styles in the form of color, separates, or convertible pieces that can be styled in multiple ways. Additionally, the exploration of new silhouettes that deviate from the typical wedding gown was a prevalent trend.

### Fashion Trends for Spring-Summer 2025

#### Dropped Waists
The dropped waist emerged as a prominent trend on the bridal runway, showcased in various renditions from different designers. From ruched tulle and draped satin ball gowns to clean-lined strapless gowns with adjustable-bow backs, designers like Chosen by KYHA, Courte Collection, Anne Barge, and Monique Lhuillier Bliss embraced this style.

#### Mixed Fabrics
Mixed fabrics were a key trend this season as brides sought more custom or one-of-a-kind pieces. Pairing tailored duchess-satin bodices with lace tops and soft tulle skirts, designers like Amsale and Nadia Manjarrez showcased the versatility and individuality that mixing fabrics can bring to bridal looks.

#### Basque Waists
Inspired by period dramas like “Bridgerton” and “The Great,” designers incorporated basque waists into their collections. This style, reminiscent of 18th- and 19th-century fashion, creates volume at the hips and adds a touch of Marie Antoinette flair to modern bridal designs.

#### Trompe L’oeil Bra Necklines
A trend resurfacing from the late 1990s and early 2000s, the trompe l’oeil bra neckline gives the illusion of a lace or satin bra peeking out of a gown’s neckline. Designers like Wonà Concept and Nardos elegantly incorporated this detail into their bridal looks, adding a chic and playful element to the designs.

#### Elongated Corsets
Seamlessly blending separates into one flawless look, designers paired full skirts and tailored trousers with flattering elongated corsets this season. Dana Harel, Mark Ingram, and Galia Lahav showcased elegant versions of the two-piece bridal look, highlighting the versatility and sophistication of this trend.

#### Ruched Tulle
Ethereal and romantic, ruched tulle gowns were a popular choice for brides this season. Designers like Markarian, Hera Couture, and Nordeen featured dreamy dresses with modern ruched tulle details that added a touch of whimsy to the bridal collections.

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