Parts of Southeast and Ohio Valley at Risk of Tornadoes and Golf-Ball-Sized Hail from Severe Storms

Tornado Outbreak Threatens Millions Across the US

Severe Tornado Threat Across the US

More than 8 million people are in danger of facing powerful tornadoes as a severe thunderstorm event sweeps from the Southeast to the Ohio Valley. This storm system also brings the risk of damaging winds and hail larger than golf balls in certain areas (source).

Increase in Severe Thunderstorm Activity

The ongoing storm system is causing the most significant risk of severe thunderstorms this year. Reports indicate tornadoes in Oklahoma and large hailstones in Texas all the way to Illinois (source).

Potential for Intense Tornadoes

According to the Storm Prediction Center, the threat of intense, long-track tornadoes is highest in southeast Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia (forecasts).

Severe Weather Advisory

The center warns of hailstones over 2 inches in diameter and destructive winds reaching speeds of up to 75 mph.

Continued Risk into Tuesday Evening

The storms are expected to peak in strength Tuesday afternoon and evening, with some areas experiencing severe weather overnight.

Precautionary Measures

Residents in the path of the storms are advised to stay updated on forecasts and have a severe weather action plan ready.

Heightened Risk Levels

Ohio and parts of Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia are now at Level 4 of 5 for severe storm risk on Tuesday.

Ohio Tornado Activity

Ohio faces a significant tornado risk, with the state reporting numerous tornadoes this year, second only to Florida.

Enhanced Risk in the Southeast

Parts of the Southeast, including cities like Nashville and Birmingham, are at Level 3 of 5 for severe storms and tornadoes.

Impacts of Severe Weather

The severe weather system caused over 100 storm reports in the central US on Monday, including large hailstones and tornado sightings.

Tornado Watch in Effect

More than 4 million people in central Illinois and Missouri are under a tornado watch until early Tuesday morning.

Transition to Wintry Weather

Cold air moving in will bring a mix of rain and snow on Wednesday following the severe storms.

Snowfall Forecast

Michigan and Wisconsin are expected to see significant snowfall, with up to a foot or more in some areas.

Winter Storm Warnings

The Northeast will experience winter storm conditions from Wednesday onwards, with snowfall and gusty winds leading to potential travel disruptions.

City Forecasts

Major cities like New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia are set to receive rain in the coming days.

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