Pennsylvania Farm Implements Sustainable Agriculture to Achieve Conservation Goals under Inflation Reduction Act

Supporting Farmers in Climate-Smart Agriculture

Farmers Making a Difference

In fiscal year 2023, farmers like Josh Daniels from Dalmatia, Pennsylvania, received funding from the Inflation Reduction Act to support conservation efforts for climate-smart agriculture and forestry mitigation activities. This funding, totaling $19.5 billion, aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase carbon sequestration through strategic conservation practices.

Enhancing Sustainability

Josh, a long-time collaborator with the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), expressed his satisfaction with the application process, highlighting the ease and support he received. With the new funding, Josh plans to implement field borders to prevent runoff, create habitats for pollinators, and maintain wildlife cover on his farm.

Sign in field
Just-A-Mere Farm in Dalmatia, Pennsylvania is a second-generation family farm.

A Sustainable Farming Legacy

Growing up on the family farm, Josh’s passion for agriculture led him back after serving in the Army. Partnering with his father, they focused on sustainable stewardship efforts with the help of NRCS. Their collaboration resulted in successful cover cropping and conservation practices.

Seeding machine in field
Through NRCS, Josh and his father tried multi-species cover crops, then went to rolling out cover crops [a no-till technique as shown above] when planting.

Continued Progress

Transitioning to sole ownership in 2014, Josh is dedicated to continuing his father’s farming legacy. With NRCS support, he implemented water infiltration improvements, conservation projects, and nutrient management practices on his farm.

Five people standing in creek
Josh and his family look forward to the long-lasting results they anticipate on the new Inflation Reduction Act-funded conservation projects that will soon begin.

Looking Towards the Future

Josh acknowledges the positive impact of collaborating with NRCS, emphasizing the guidance and support he has received. He is optimistic about the long-term outcomes of the new conservation projects and the role they play in combating climate change through sustainable farming practices.

Lauren White is a public affairs assistant for NRCS in Pennsylvania

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