Pirates defeat Cubs as top prospect Paul Skenes shines

Cubs Struggle Against Skenes in Impressive Display

Manager Craig Counsell expressed admiration for the pitching prowess of Paul Skenes before the Cubs’ 9-3 loss to the Pirates, highlighting the impressive 102 mph fastball displayed by the young pitcher.

Skenes’ Dominance at Wrigley Field

Building on his solid debut, Skenes showcased exceptional skill at Wrigley Field, holding the Cubs hitless over six innings and striking out 11 batters, including the first seven Cubs hitters.

Rookie Pitching Streak Breaks Records

Skenes’ strikeout streak at the start of the game ranked as the third longest by a rookie pitcher in the Live Ball Era, outperforming notable pitchers like Jacob deGrom and Jim Deshaies.

Unique Pitching Arsenal

Skenes impressed with a diverse pitching arsenal, including a unique hybrid pitch called a “splinker,” which baffled hitters and contributed to his dominant performance against the Cubs.

Challenges Faced by Cubs Hitters

Cubs hitters struggled to make contact against Skenes, with only one baserunner recorded during the game, showcasing the difficulty of facing a pitcher with a high-velocity fastball and deceptive secondary pitches.

Splinker’s Impact on Cubs

The effectiveness of Skenes’ “splinker” pitch was evident in the high whiff rate recorded by Cubs hitters, emphasizing the challenge of hitting against a pitcher with such a varied and effective pitching repertoire.

Hendricks’ Tough Outing

Despite a strong start, Cubs starter Kyle Hendricks faced challenges against the Pirates, ultimately giving up multiple hits and runs, reflecting the contrasting performances of the two pitching staffs.

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