Police say house in Arlington, Virginia explodes during search warrant execution

House Explosion in Arlington, Virginia

House Explosion in Arlington, Virginia

Explosion Occurs During Search Warrant Execution

On Monday, a house in Arlington, Virginia, exploded while police were attempting to execute a search warrant. According to the Arlington County Police Department, officers were initially dispatched to the home in response to reports of someone firing a flare gun multiple times into the neighborhood. Despite attempts to contact the suspect, he remained barricaded inside the house.

Explosion Follows Suspect’s Firearm Discharge

After obtaining the search warrant, police officers approached the home and the suspect began discharging rounds from inside, resulting in the explosion. It is unclear whether the suspect used a flare gun or a different firearm. The blast caused significant damage to the structure and the surrounding area.

Suspect’s Identity and Condition Still Unknown

The suspect’s identity has not been revealed at this time. Authorities have stated that they were not aware of anyone else inside the house, but cannot rule out the possibility that others may have been present. Fire officials are waiting for a utility company to arrive before they can safely enter the remains of the structure to assess the suspect’s condition.

Minor Injuries Sustained by Officers

Three police officers suffered minor injuries during the incident, but none of them required hospitalization. The cause of the explosion is currently under investigation by the Arlington County Fire Department, with assistance from the ATF and FBI.

Impact of the Blast and Witness Testimonies

The aftermath of the explosion was visible from several blocks away, highlighting the magnitude of the blast. Witnesses, such as Carla Rodriguez from South Arlington, reported hearing the explosion from over 2 miles away and initially mistaking it for a plane crash.

Fire Under Control, Investigation Continues

The Arlington County Fire Department managed to bring the fire under control by approximately 10:30 p.m., although crews were still addressing small spot fires. Both the ATF and FBI are actively involved in the ongoing investigation to determine the cause of the explosion.

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