Possible Rewritten Title: “Capitol Rioter Known as ‘QAnon Shaman’ Considering Libertarian Congressional Run”

**Arizona’s QAnon Shaman Eyes Congress**

**Jacob Chansley, known for his distinctive horned fur hat and tattoos that made headlines during the January 6, 2021 Capitol siege, is setting his sights on a new goal. The Arizona resident now seeks to represent Arizona’s 8th District in Congress.**

**Legal Formalities**

**Recently, Chansley made a significant move by submitting paperwork to the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office, signaling his intent to run as a Libertarian candidate in the upcoming 2024 general election. This development comes on the heels of his 41-month prison sentence for his involvement in the Capitol insurrection, followed by his subsequent release to a halfway house earlier this year.**

**Capitol Intrusion**

**During the chaotic events of January 6, 2021, Chansley boldly made his way into the U.S. Senate chambers and left a pointed note for Vice President Mike Pence. This dramatic gesture, coupled with his unconventional appearance, has since become a widely recognized symbol associated with the attack, inspiring various forms of satirical representations.**


**Operating under the alias Jacob Angeli, Chansley has chosen to distance himself from his legal identity, which was linked to his criminal charges. Despite this, many still refer to him as the “QAnon shaman” due to his viral presence at the Capitol. In official documents, he goes by Angeli-Chansley.**

**Legal Limitations**

**While Arizona law restricts individuals with felony convictions from voting until they’ve completed their sentence and had their civil rights reinstated, federal regulations do not bar felons from running for federal office. This loophole paves the way for Chansley to pursue his political aspirations.**

**Crowded Race**

**Chansley is entering a fiercely competitive congressional race to succeed Rep. Debbie Lesko, a longstanding Republican representative for the district. With Lesko announcing her withdrawal from the upcoming election, the seat is up for grabs, attracting a pool of candidates vying for the opportunity to secure the position for the foreseeable future.**

**Competitors in the Lineup**

**Among the numerous Republican contenders for the seat are prominent figures such as Ben Toma, former Arizona House speaker; Blake Masters, a previous U.S. Senate candidate; Abe Hamadeh, who ran for Arizona attorney general in 2022; state Sen. Anthony Kern, who was also present at the Capitol during the 2021 incident; former lawmaker Trent Franks; and several others. The race for this seat promises to be intense and closely watched.**

**Closing Note**

**In light of these recent developments, the upcoming congressional race in Arizona’s 8th District is poised to be a battleground of diverse and captivating personalities, each vying for the chance to secure a pivotal seat in the nation’s political arena.**

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