Potential RFK Jr. Employee who Minimized Jan. 6 Involvement was Present at Capitol during the Attack

Capitol Riot Allegation

The Allegation of Capitol Riot Involvement by Right-Wing Influencer

Zach Henry’s Connection to Capitol Riot

It has come to light that Zach Henry, a right-wing social media influencer, was allegedly present on the restricted grounds of the U.S. Capitol during the January 6 attack. Henry, known for his work on various political campaigns, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign, had previously made controversial statements about the Capitol incident.

Background and Social Media Posts

Before the events of January 6, Henry had expressed views suggesting that the attack was “Democrat misdirection” and even propagated conspiracy theories blaming “antifa” for the violence. Despite this, photos and videos surfaced indicating his presence outside the Capitol during the riot, raising questions about his involvement and motives.

Kennedy Campaign Connection

Henry’s ties to Kennedy’s campaign add another layer of complexity to the situation, considering Kennedy’s bid for the presidency as an independent candidate against Donald Trump.

Response and Indictments

When confronted about his whereabouts on January 6, Henry declined to provide specific details, further adding to the speculation surrounding his actions that day. The Kennedy campaign remained silent on the matter, leaving room for conjecture and scrutiny.

Arizona GOP Affiliation

Prior to his involvement with Kennedy’s campaign, Henry was associated with the Arizona Republican Party and had a role in managing their social media presence. His activities, including controversial tweets and retweets, have come under scrutiny in light of the Capitol riot investigation.

Video Evidence and Allegations

Various videos and images suggest Henry’s presence at the Capitol, with some footage showing him in the vicinity of restricted areas. Online investigators and sleuths have linked Henry to specific moments captured during the riot, adding weight to the allegations against him.

Legal Implications

While Henry has not faced charges related to his alleged presence at the Capitol, the legal ramifications of entering restricted areas without authorization have been highlighted in the context of the broader investigation into the events of January 6.


The controversy surrounding Zach Henry’s alleged involvement in the Capitol riot continues to raise questions about accountability, transparency, and the intersection of social media influence with real-world events. As the investigation unfolds, the implications of his actions may have far-reaching consequences.

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