Potential Storms on East Coast and High Heat in the South for Memorial Day

Severe Weather Threat Expands on Memorial Day

After intense storms wreaked havoc in central United States, the threat of severe weather now extends to millions in the East on Memorial Day. Destructive thunderstorms and tornadoes claimed at least 21 lives over the weekend, including four children, in states like Kentucky, Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

Weekend Storms Sweep Across Central US

Sunday witnessed a dramatic surge in severe weather activity with over 600 reports of storm damage across 20 states. Tornadoes, wind gusts exceeding 75 mph, and hail the size of softballs wreaked havoc, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

Power Outages and Emergency Declarations

The aftermath of the storms left more than 600,000 homes and businesses without power in the central, southern, and eastern US. Harsh storms in Kentucky prompted Gov. Andy Beshear to declare a state of emergency, with some communities suffering extensive damage and disrupted communication lines.

Severe Thunderstorm Risk Across East US

Over 70 million people from the South to the Northeast are under a level 2 risk of severe thunderstorms. The threat extends to cities like Richmond, Washington DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia.

Heat Wave Sweeps Southern US

An early season heat wave is forecasted to bring sweltering conditions to parts of southern Texas, the central Gulf Coast, and southern Florida. Excessive heat warnings are in place, with temperatures possibly reaching record highs and heat indices exceeding 115 degrees in some areas.

Risks of Prolonged Heat

Record-warm overnight temperatures and extremely high heat indices pose risks of heat-related illnesses, particularly for vulnerable groups. The prevalence of excessive heat incidents is on the rise due to human-induced climate change, highlighting the importance of heat illness prevention strategies.

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