President Biden Battles for Affordable Healthcare as Trump and MAGA Republicans Seek to Strip Wisconsinites’ Access

Lowering Health Care Costs: Biden vs MAGA Republicans

Lowering Health Care Costs: Biden vs MAGA Republicans

In an effort to make health care and prescription drugs more affordable for Wisconsin families, President Biden has announced new measures. This is part of the ongoing work by the Biden-Harris administration to cap insulin costs, reduce health insurance expenses, and enable Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices. In stark contrast, Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans are once again pushing to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (ACA), risking the health care coverage and increasing costs for countless Wisconsinites.

“While MAGA Republicans and Donald Trump continue to pose a threat to the health care of Wisconsinites by attacking the ACA, President Biden is taking concrete steps to lower prescription drug costs and support hardworking families,” said Joe Oslund, Communications Director of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “As MAGA Republicans persist in promoting their unpopular agenda that prioritizes the interests of Big Pharma over the well-being of hardworking Wisconsinites, President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Wisconsin Democrats are fulfilling their promise to make health care more accessible and affordable.”

The Agenda of MAGA Republicans

  • Every Republican presidential candidate has advocated for the repeal of the ACA. This would result in the loss of health coverage and increased health care expenses for millions of Americans.
  • In 2024, Republicans have criticized and even threatened to repeal President Biden’s groundbreaking Inflation Reduction Act, which is effectively lowering prescription drug costs for families nationwide.
  • MAGA Republicans in Congress obstructed a provision in the Inflation Reduction Act that would have limited the price of insulin to $35 per month for private insurers. They remain determined to repeal these historic investments that are reducing expenses for working families.
  • The Trump administration attempted to strip the federal government of its authority to combat high prices for products developed using taxpayer funds. Once again, this move protected the profits of Big Pharma at the expense of the American people.

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