Press Secretary at the White House Speaks on AstraZeneca v. Becerra

President Biden’s Commitment to Lower Health Care Costs

Upon taking office, President Biden made a pledge to prioritize reducing health care expenses for American families. This commitment led to the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act, a monumental move that granted Medicare the authority to negotiate lower prices for prescription drugs for seniors. It is worth noting that every Republican member of Congress voted against this crucial legislation.

Legal Battles Against Medicare Negotiations

Following the enactment of the Inflation Reduction Act, numerous lawsuits were initiated by Big Pharma and its supporters across the nation in an attempt to impede Medicare from securing favorable deals for American seniors. Recently, a district court in Delaware dismissed these efforts, marking the third court ruling in favor of the Administration in disputes related to the President’s prescription drug policy. Notably, this particular case was the first to be fully adjudicated on its merits.

Big Pharma’s Resistance to Lower Drug Prices

Despite facing legal challenges from Big Pharma, today’s legal victory holds significant importance in the ongoing battle to lower prescription drug costs for consumers. The President remains steadfast in his commitment to advocating for affordable drug prices for all Americans.

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