Projected Job Growth in 2024 Expected to be Modest due to Investment in Infrastructure and Energy

The Outlook for Alaska Jobs in 2024: A Promising Forecast

the Willow project
An exploration site at ConocoPhillips’ Willow prospect is seen from the air in the 2019 winter season. (Photo by Judy Patrick/provided by ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc.)

The Alaska labor department recently released a report forecasting job growth in the state for 2024. With an expected increase of 5,400 jobs, or 1.7%, Alaska’s economy is set to experience a modest expansion.

Recovery and Infrastructure Investments Drive Growth

The report highlights that Alaska has rebounded from the COVID-19 pandemic and is now entering a new phase of growth. This growth is expected to be fueled by the infusion of federal dollars from the Infrastructure (Investment and Jobs) Act and the Inflation Reduction Act. These funds are projected to stimulate job creation and drive economic growth in the coming year.

Construction and Mining Industries Lead the Way

One of the sectors poised for significant expansion is construction, which is predicted to add 1,100 jobs, an increase of 6.7%. Additionally, the mining and oil industry is expected to grow by 8.7%, or 1,000 jobs. The establishment of a new gold mine near Tok and the anticipated development of the Willow and Pikka oilfields contribute to this positive outlook.

Challenges Ahead: Labor Shortage and Population Decline

While the forecast is optimistic, there are potential obstacles that could impact job growth in Alaska. One major challenge is the persistent labor shortage. The state currently has twice as many job openings as unemployed individuals. This shortage may hinder the creation of new jobs if there are not enough qualified workers to fill the positions.

The report also highlights two factors contributing to the labor shortage. First, a significant portion of Alaska’s population is reaching retirement age, reducing the available workforce. Second, more working-age individuals are leaving the state than moving in, particularly young families in their 20s and 30s. This population decline poses a challenge for industries that rely on out-of-state workers, such as fish processing and tourism.


Despite these challenges, the overall outlook for Alaska’s job market in 2024 is positive. With steady growth expected in key industries like construction and mining, the state is poised for economic expansion. However, addressing the labor shortage and attracting new residents will be crucial for sustaining this growth in the long term.

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