Proud Boy from Kansas receives over 4-year sentence for Jan. 6 attack

Proud Boys Member Sentenced for Capitol Attack

Proud Boys Member Receives Prison Sentence for U.S. Capitol Attack


A member of the notorious Proud Boys, known for their involvement in the U.S. Capitol attack on Jan. 6, has been handed a prison sentence by the court. The individual in question, William Chrestman, was actively involved in encouraging the mob and obstructing official proceedings during the attack.

Sentence and Charges

Recently, the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington, D.C. announced that William Chrestman, a 51-year-old resident of Olathe, Kansas, has been sentenced to four years and seven months in prison. Chrestman pleaded guilty in October to charges of obstructing an official proceeding and threatening a federal officer.

Involvement in the Capitol Attack

proud boy sentencing us capitol riot rioter
William Chrestman in a tunnel underneath the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. (Source: Justice Department via AP file)

During the U.S. Capitol attack, Chrestman actively participated as a member of the Kansas City, Missouri chapter of the Proud Boys. Eyewitnesses state that he energetically motivated the crowd entering the building by repeatedly shouting, “Go! Go! Go!” The U.S. attorney’s office confirmed these claims in a recent statement.

Boasting and Threats

Furthermore, after the attack, Chrestman proudly boasted about their actions, claiming that they had successfully evaded law enforcement. He even mentioned how they had thrown chairs under security doors to impede their closure. Prosecutors have revealed that the officers present had genuine fear for their lives during this chaos.

Additionally, Chrestman threatened the police officers attempting to prevent rioters from entering the building. It was reported that he waved an ax handle and later used it to prop open a door, allowing the crowd to gain access.

Response and Personal Background

Chrestman’s attorney did not provide immediate comment when contacted for a response. However, in court documents filed prior to the sentencing, Chrestman’s attorney described him as a former Army medic and a caring father. They mentioned that Chrestman deeply regrets his actions and is currently going through personal turmoil due to the pain he has caused to his family.

Prosecution’s Perspective

Contrary to the defense’s claims, prosecutors argued that Chrestman arrived prepared for violence during the attack. They expressed disappointment in not being able to carry a firearm and pointed out that Chrestman had marked his helmet with orange tape to ensure easy recognition among other Proud Boys.

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