Putin declares readiness to use nuclear weapons to defend Russian state, but claims no current necessity.

Russia Ready to Use Nuclear Weapons if Threatened: Putin

Putin’s Nuclear Warning

President Vladimir Putin stated in an interview with state media that Moscow is prepared to use nuclear weapons if the existence of the Russian state is threatened. However, he emphasized that there has never been a need to do so. The Russian leader made these comments ahead of the upcoming presidential elections and amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

US-Russia Relations

Putin warned that any deployment of US troops to Ukraine would be considered as an act of intervention by Russia. He acknowledged that the United States is also enhancing its nuclear capabilities but clarified that this does not signify an immediate nuclear war. Putin stated that both countries are developing their respective military components in preparation for any potential conflict.

US Concerns

US officials have expressed concerns about Russia’s potential use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine. The Biden administration has been actively preparing for any such scenario, particularly focusing on the possibility of Russia utilizing tactical or battlefield nuclear weapons in the region.

Defense Production

NATO intelligence reports indicate that Russia is significantly increasing its defense production, especially in terms of artillery munitions. This production surge gives Russia a substantial advantage over the US and Europe. Despite these efforts, Western officials do not anticipate major Russian advancements on the battlefield in the near future.

Ukraine’s Need for Aid

Ukraine is in urgent need of military aid to combat Russian aggression. President Zelensky has highlighted the importance of international support, stating that millions could perish without it. The Biden administration recently announced additional military aid to Ukraine, but Zelensky insists that more assistance is required.

Negotiations with Russia

Putin expressed willingness to engage in negotiations regarding Ukraine, emphasizing the importance of basing discussions on reality rather than unrealistic expectations. However, he emphasized the necessity of guarantees and fair agreements to move forward.

Putin’s Response to Ukrainian Attacks

Putin denounced Ukrainian attacks on Russian cities, attributing them to Kyiv’s failures on the battlefield. He claimed that these assaults are intended to disrupt Russia’s upcoming election process.

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