Report: US Supplies Israel with ‘Bunker Buster’ Bombs for Gaza Conflict

Bunker Buster Bombs and Other Munitions Provided by the US to Israel

Apart from ground-penetrating munitions, US has also given Israel several other types of bombs and artillery shells.

US Support for Israel’s War on Gaza

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, the United States has provided Israel with “bunker buster” bombs and various other munitions for its war on Gaza.

The US has transferred 100 BLU-109 bombs to Israel, which are designed to penetrate hardened structures before exploding. These bombs have previously been used by the US in conflicts like the war in Afghanistan.

Ammunition Support from the US

The US has not only supplied bunker buster bombs but also a significant amount of other ammunition to Israel for the war on Gaza. This ammunition includes 15,000 bombs, 57,000 artillery shells, and various other types of bombs and guidance kits.

Pentagon’s Silence and International Condemnation

Unlike the regular updates on the war in Ukraine, the Pentagon has remained mostly silent regarding the level of weapons support it has provided to Israel. This silence can be attributed to the international condemnation of Israeli military operations in Gaza.

The surge of US arms to Israel since the start of the war has primarily been transported on C-17 military cargo planes.

US-Made Bombs Used in Deadly Israeli Attacks

Large bombs made by the US have been utilized in some of the deadliest Israeli attacks on Gaza, including the strike that leveled an apartment block in the Jabalia refugee camp and killed more than 100 people. Israel justified the attack by claiming it killed a Hamas leader.

Continued US Arms Transfers to Israel

The report on the delivery of heavy-duty penetration bombs to Israel has raised questions about the ongoing US arms transfers to the country. There are concerns about the use of these bombs in densely populated civilian areas, such as Gaza.

Many people in Congress are questioning whether it is wise to continue providing these “bunker bombs” to Israel and are calling for more transparency in the arms transfers.

US Support Despite International Pressure

The US has fully backed Israel’s war efforts despite growing international pressure for a total ceasefire. While Washington claims to have asked Israel to limit civilian casualties, the reality on the ground tells a different story, with Gaza’s main hospitals coming under siege.

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