Republican House candidate advocates for the release of Jan. 6 defendants at no cost

Illinois 11th Congressional District Candidates’ Views on Jan. 6 Riot

Republican Candidates’ Perspectives

Susan Hathaway-Altman, Jerry Evans, and Kent Mercado, vying for Illinois’ 11th Congressional District seat, shared their views on the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot during a virtual interview with the Daily Herald.

Hathaway-Altman’s Stance

Denying the Capitol attack as an insurrection, Hathaway-Altman called for the release of many facing charges from the riot, emphasizing that the event was overblown by the media.

Challenges Conventional Narrative

Hathaway-Altman insisted that the portrayal of the events was one-sided and not a true representation of the situation, advocating for a more balanced view of the incident.

Alternative Viewpoints

While Hathaway-Altman defended the rioters as “patriots,” Mercado criticized Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric, pointing out the need to prosecute individuals who engaged in violence on Jan. 6.

Evans’ Position

Evans condemned the violence of that day and stressed the importance of fair and prompt trials for the defendants, highlighting the necessity of equal justice under the law.

Comparative Analysis

Hathaway-Altman drew parallels between the Capitol riot and other protests, suggesting that the severity of the events was exaggerated due to political bias and media influence.

Upcoming Elections

The 11th District Republican primary winner will face off against Democratic U.S. Rep. Bill Foster or challenger Qasim Rashid in the general election, shaping the future political landscape.


As the candidates express diverse perspectives on the Capitol riot, voters in Illinois’ 11th Congressional District face a crucial decision in determining their representative’s stance on this pivotal event.

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