Republicans Attempt to Rewrite Jan 6 Events Before Trump Supreme Court Hearing

House Republicans Back Resolution Defending Trump

Over 60 House Republicans, led by Florida Representative Matt Gaetz, have signed a resolution asserting that former president Donald Trump;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas\” class=\”link \”>Donald Trump did not partake in an insurrection on January 6 – shortly before the Supreme Court is set to review the case.

Resolution Defending Trump’s Actions

During a press conference, Representative Gaetz and other Trump allies proclaimed that the events of January 6 were not an insurrection, and that Trump did not engage in any such behavior. They criticized the Colorado Supreme Court for disqualifying Trump for purportedly inciting the Capitol riot.

Content of the Resolution

The resolution, mirroring Section Three of the 14th Amendment, states that Trump did not engage in insurrection or rebellion against the United States.

Supreme Court’s Pending Case

The resolution emerges just before the Supreme Court is due to hear arguments in the case from Colorado, where Trump’s ballot eligibility was rejected due to alleged insurrection.

Republican Defense and Criticism

Representatives highlighted their viewpoint on the January 6 events and accused the media of spreading misinformation. They dismissed claims of violence, stating that individuals were peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights.

Violence on January 6

According to the Department of Justice, approximately 140 police officers were injured during the clash with Trump supporters on January 6.

Colorado Supreme Court’s Decision

The Colorado Supreme Court barred Trump from the ballot, citing his rhetoric before and during January 6 as incitement for the Capitol breach.

Challenges to Trump’s Ballot Eligibility

Trump-aligned representatives condemned the disqualification as a political agenda, denying that January 6 constituted an insurrection.

Supreme Court’s Role

The US Supreme Court may determine whether January 6 qualifies as an insurrection and if Trump was involved.

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