Results of the 2024 Montana Primary Election

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Election Results: A New Perspective

Winners by a Landslide

In the recent elections, several candidates emerged victorious without facing any competition. D. Adams, E. Story, T. Millett, and many others secured their positions effortlessly.

Tough Contests and Clear Victors

While some candidates had to battle it out in tight races, D. Powers, J. Morrow, and S. Kelly managed to secure their spots with significant margins.

Incumbents Prevail

The power of experience was evident as incumbent candidates like B. Mitchell, A. Regier, and G. Nikolakakos successfully defended their positions without any opposition.

Head-to-Head Showdowns

In closely contested battles, candidates like T. Jenkins, K. Hoiland, and M. Crepeau emerged victorious, showcasing the intensity of the electoral race.

Unanimous Support

The support was overwhelming for candidates such as R. Paulick, D. Arends, and S. Fitzpatrick who secured their positions unopposed.

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