Rioter in Jan. 6 Incident Appeals for Early Release, Citing Manipulation by Trump and Fox News

<a href="">Donald Trump</a> Supporter Seeks Early Release, Blames Manipulation by Former President and Fox News

Donald Trump Supporter Seeks Early Release, Blames Manipulation by Former President and Fox News


A supporter of Donald Trump who participated in the Capitol attack on January 6, 2021, is now requesting early release, claiming that he was “manipulated” by the former president and Fox News. The individual, Mitchell Todd Gardner, is seeking compassionate release or a reduction of sentence, alleging that Trump convinced him and many others that the election was rigged.

Gardner’s Actions During the Capitol Attack

Mitchell Todd Gardner, wearing a Trump hat and a “Reagan Bush ’84” sweatshirt, played an active role in the Capitol attack. He shouted commands such as “pull the police out” and “grab their hands and pull them out,” while spraying police officers with pepper spray. Gardner also broke a Capitol window and entered Senate “hideaway” offices assigned to Republican senators.

Gardner’s Plea for Release

Gardner, who is representing himself, filed a memo requesting early release based on the U.S. Sentencing Commission’s “2023 Criminal History Amendment.” He argues that he and other Americans felt obligated to act on behalf of Trump to save the country. Gardner acknowledges that his mind was skewed by misinformation and that he believed he was protecting the republic from an imaginary threat.

Gardner’s Regret and Acknowledgment of Wrongdoing

Now, Gardner claims to have realized the nature of his crimes against the United States and expresses a sense of shame. He emphasizes that he was misled by influential figures and news outlets, including Fox News, which peddled fraudulent claims about the election. Gardner states that if it weren’t for this disinformation, he would be a law-abiding citizen supporting his family.

Gardner’s Pledge for the Future

Gardner assures the court that he will never allow himself to be manipulated again and intends to spend the rest of his life making amends and being recognized as a law-abiding citizen.


The Capitol attack on January 6, 2021, has led to numerous arrests and sentences. Mitchell Todd Gardner’s case highlights the influence of former President Donald Trump and media outlets in shaping the beliefs and actions of his supporters. As the legal proceedings continue, the repercussions of that fateful day continue to unfold.

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