Rudy Giuliani faces additional charges in Smartmatic’s defamation lawsuit

Rudy Giuliani Faces Additional Claims in Smartmatic Defamation Lawsuit

In a significant development, a New York appeals court has reinstated two claims against Rudy Giuliani in Smartmatic’s defamation lawsuit. The lawsuit stems from false claims made by the lawyer accusing the election technology company of rigging the 2020 election.

Smartmatic Allegations Against Fox Corporation

Smartmatic filed the lawsuit against Fox News, alleging that Giuliani and Powell spread false theories about vote manipulation. The court also allowed Smartmatic to pursue claims against Fox Corporation, the parent company of Fox News.

Legal Maneuvers and Reinstated Claims

Although a lower court initially dismissed two counts against Giuliani, the appellate division’s new decision now reinstates those claims.

Smartmatic’s Legal Strategy

Smartmatic aims to name Rupert Murdoch and Lachlan Murdoch from Fox Corporation in the lawsuit. The company plans to amend its complaint to specify individuals responsible for the alleged defamation.

Fox News Defends Itself

Fox News contends that its reporting on election fraud claims was within the bounds of press freedom. The network asserts its confidence in prevailing against the damages claims, emphasizing the importance of protecting journalistic freedom.

Progression of Legal Battles

Smartmatic’s lawsuit against Powell has been transferred to a court in Washington, DC, while Dominion Voting Systems pursues its legal action against Fox News in Delaware. The lawsuits represent efforts to hold media outlets accountable for spreading false information.

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