Sarah Matthews, ex-press secretary, shares insights on Trump hearings and beyond

Sarah Matthews, Former Deputy Press Secretary, Speaks Out on January 6th Insurrection

Sarah Matthews, a former deputy press secretary for Donald Trump, recently gave an exclusive interview discussing her experience during the January 6th insurrection and her subsequent testimony before Congress. Matthews, who now works as a communications consultant, did not hold back in her criticism of Trump and the Republican Party. In this interview, she sheds light on the need for a gag order in Trump’s federal criminal case, the possibility of a Biden-Trump rematch in 2024, and her reasons for testifying before the January 6th committee.

A Gag Order for Trump’s Federal Criminal Case

Matthews believes that Trump’s decision to run for the 2024 election was a strategic move to deflect attention from his impending legal troubles. She argues that a limited gag order is necessary to prevent Trump from using his campaign as a platform to spread politically motivated falsehoods. Matthews references previous instances where Trump’s tweets and online rhetoric caused harm to innocent individuals, emphasizing the need to protect people from the consequences of his words.

Potential Biden-Trump Rematch in 2024

Expressing her concerns about a potential Biden-Trump rematch in 2024, Matthews highlights the age factor and the lack of better options on both sides. She suggests that running anyone other than Trump against Joe Biden would increase the Republican Party’s chances of winning. However, if Trump becomes the nominee, Matthews believes that he not only poses a risk to democracy but also risks losing to Biden once again.

Testifying Before Congress

Matthews explains that she felt compelled to testify before Congress because higher-ranking individuals in the White House chose not to come forward due to fear or personal ambition. Despite the potential negative impact on her career and financial situation, Matthews saw it as an opportunity to share the truth with the American people. She criticizes Republicans who downplay the severity of the events on January 6th and refuse to acknowledge Trump’s responsibility for inciting the insurrection.

The Importance of Testimony and Trump’s Responsibility

Matthews reflects on the personal and professional risks she faced when resigning from the White House and testifying before Congress. Despite the challenges, she believed it was vital to speak out and ensure that the truth about January 6th was heard. Matthews criticizes Republicans who perpetuate false narratives about the election and the insurrection, emphasizing the need to hold Trump accountable for his refusal to accept the election results.

Matthews’ interview offers a unique perspective on the January 6th insurrection and sheds light on the current state of American politics. Her insights provide valuable context and contribute to the ongoing discussions surrounding Trump, the Republican Party, and the future of American democracy.

Watch the full interview with Sarah Matthews below:

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