Speculation of Putin Interview Arises Following Tucker Carlson’s Trip to Russia

Tucker Carlson’s Rumored Interview with Putin

Tucker Carlson’s Visit to Moscow Sparks Speculation

Renowned former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who now hosts a show on the social network X, has recently been seen in Moscow. This has led to speculation in both Russia and the United States that he may soon achieve his long-standing goal of interviewing President Vladimir V. PutinThe New York Times.

Tucker Carlson: A Potential American Media Figure to Interview Putin

If this interview takes place, Tucker Carlson would become the first American media figure to formally interview the Russian leader since the invasion of Ukraine nearly two years agoThe New York Times. This development is significant given President Putin’s spokesperson, Dmitri Peskov, previously stated that requests from Western news outlets were being denied due to their countries being influenced by anti-Russian propaganda. However, Carlson has defended Putin and criticized his Western critics. This places him at the forefront of a pro-Putin faction within the American conservative movementThe New York Times.

Carlson in Moscow: Russian Media and Public React

Images and videos of Tucker Carlson in Moscow have been circulating on social media, sparking excitement among his fans who hope for an interview with Putin. Conversely, critics accuse him of appeasing an autocratic leader engaged in an illegal war and suppressing dissent within his own countryThe New York Times. The Russian media has treated Carlson like a visiting celebrity, capturing his various activities such as airport arrivals, restaurant visits, and attending the Spartacus ballet at the Bolshoi TheaterThe New York Times.

Carlson’s Controversial Past and Current Platform

Tucker Carlson was previously a prominent figure on cable news, hosting “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News. His show garnered attention for propagating white nationalist themes and conspiracy theories. However, it was abruptly canceled due to controversies on and off the air. Since then, Carlson has had a lower profile on X, where he launched his own showThe New York Times.

Carlson’s Familiarity with Russia and Coverage of Ukraine

During his time at Fox News, Carlson’s commentaries frequently appeared on Russian state television. This included portraying Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky as a “dictator” engaged in a “regime change” war against Russia. Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022 with the explicit aim of overthrowing Zelensky’s government. Russian media attributed Carlson’s cancellation at Fox News to his fearless reporting on Ukraine. Thus, Carlson’s familiarity with Russia and controversial coverage of the conflict may have contributed to his current visit to MoscowThe New York Times.

Carlson’s Pursuit of an Elusive Interview with Putin

It has been claimed by Tucker Carlson that his past attempt to interview President Putin was thwarted by the U.S. government, although no evidence has been presented to support this assertionThe New York Times.

Contrasting Views on Free Speech

Carlson has positioned his show on X as a stronghold of free speech. Meanwhile, President Putin has intensified the curtailment of free speech in Russia during the Ukrainian war. Media outlets in the country have been instructed to refer to the conflict as a “special military operation,” and journalists risk imprisonment for describing it as an invasion. Notably, Evan Gershkovich, a Wall Street Journal reporter, has been detained by the Russian government for almost a year on espionage charges, which have been vehemently deniedThe New York Times.

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