Storms batter Northeast, leaving approximately 360,000 households without power

Severe Weather System Hits Tri-State Area

A powerful weather system unleashed heavy rain and strong winds across the tri-state area over the weekend. Meanwhile, a fast-moving storm swept through northern New England, leaving behind a blanket of snow and causing blackouts for some 360,000 households in the Northeast.

Power Outages and Safety Measures

At 6 a.m. ET Sunday, over 197,000 households in Maine, 81,000 in New York state, and 73,000 in New Hampshire were without power, according to Authorities urged residents to stay safe and be cautious in the event of power outages, emphasizing the importance of avoiding downed wires and using alternative sources of emergency lighting.

Flood Watch and Safety Tips

In response to the storm, a flood watch was issued for the New York City metro area and central and southern New Jersey. Residents were advised to stay off the roads, avoid downed power lines, and prepare for possible minor flooding in low-lying areas.

Impact on Transportation and Infrastructure

The severe weather conditions led to major delays at New York City airports, with significant disruptions to arrival and departure flights. Similarly, Philadelphia experienced record-breaking rainfall, causing challenges for residents and transportation systems alike.

Snowfall and Winter Alerts

The storm also brought heavy snowfall to parts of northern New England, with winter alerts issued for millions of people across different regions. From the Upper Midwest to New England, varying levels of snow accumulation were expected, prompting caution for motorists and residents alike.

Additional Weather Patterns

In addition to the snowfall, other weather patterns emerged, such as heavy rain in California and snow in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The impact of these weather events was felt across various regions, setting records for rainfall and snowfall in certain areas.

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