Study finds that the most effective treatment for depression varies based on age and gender

### Study Finds Exercise Can Be More Effective Than Antidepressants Alone

A recent study of over 14,000 people has revealed that certain types of exercise can be more beneficial in treating depression than antidepressant medication alone. Researchers emphasized that the frequency of exercise does not matter as much as the intensity, with more vigorous activities showing better results.

### Exercise Physiologists Encouraged for Depression Treatment

GPs are now being urged to refer more patients to exercise physiologists as a treatment option for depression. This recommendation comes as treating depression can be complex and costly, with therapy and medication often causing financial strain and potential withdrawal symptoms.

### Types of Exercise That Show Promising Results

According to the study, walking or jogging, yoga, strength training, and dance have been identified as effective forms of exercise for reducing depressive symptoms. The research also found that activities like dance, which involve social interaction and learning new skills, can have positive cognitive benefits.

### Importance of Intensity and Social Support

While the frequency of exercise does not significantly impact its effectiveness, the intensity of the activity plays a crucial role. The study suggests that participating in exercise with others can enhance the benefits, breaking the cycle of isolation often experienced by individuals with depression.

### Finding the Right Exercise for You

Experts recommend choosing an exercise that brings a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment, as forcing oneself to engage in activities they dislike can have a negative impact. Customizing an exercise plan based on individual preferences and capabilities is essential for long-term adherence and mental health benefits.

### Getting Started and Staying Motivated

For individuals struggling with depression, seeking support from a healthcare provider and considering options like supervised group exercise or online workouts can be beneficial. Establishing a structured exercise program with the help of an accredited exercise physiologist can provide guidance and motivation, leading to better outcomes in managing depression.

Overall, the study highlights the significant role that exercise can play in improving mental health and offers a promising alternative or complement to traditional depression treatments. By understanding the types of exercise that are most effective and personalizing an exercise plan, individuals can take proactive steps towards better mental well-being.

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