Supreme Court rejects Republicans who avoided House security following Jan. 6 incident

Supreme Court Denies Appeal by GOP Congressmen Fined for Evading Security Scanners

Congressional Security Scanners Case Overview

After being fined $5,000 each for skipping security scans post-January 6 Capitol assault, three Republican congressmen, Reps. Andrew Clyde, Lloyd Smucker, and ex-Rep. Louie Gohmert, sought Supreme Court intervention, which was denied.

House Security Measures and Controversy

The House installed magnetometers outside the chamber after the riot, a rule Nancy Pelosi deemed essential for safety. Despite the controversy, the GOP members flouted the protocol, resulting in substantial fines.

Security Breach Incidents

One incident involved Rep. Andy Harris caught with a concealed weapon. Gohmert, unaware of the re-scanning requirement post-bathroom break, defended his actions, citing lack of gun concealment opportunities.

Legal Battle and Pay Docking

Refusing to pay the fines after an unsuccessful appeal, Clyde, Smucker, and Gohmert had $5,000 deducted from their salaries. They sued House officials, alleging a 27th Amendment violation, but the courts upheld Congress’ autonomy over pay adjustments.

End of Metal Detector Controversy

The removal of metal detectors post-Republican House majority didn’t resolve the issue. Tensions resurfaced in 2023 when gun regulations were debated, highlighting the persistent security concerns within Congress.


Despite the legal battles and controversies surrounding security measures in Congress, the Supreme Court’s decision underscores the significance of upholding safety protocols and legislative autonomy within the government.

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