Texas hit by baseball-sized hail as 200,000 in the South still without power

Severe Weather Strikes Southern States

Hailstones the size of baseballs pummeled Texas recently, causing chaos and destruction in their wake. This stormy onslaught left over 200,000 energy customers across five southern states without power, heralding the beginning of extensive cleanup operations.

Texas Hit Hard by Enormous Hailstones

Footage from Johnson City, Texas, captured the astonishing size of the hailstones, with some reaching a remarkable 6.25 inches in diameter, making them large enough to shatter an SUV’s rear window. This extreme weather event marked the second largest hailstone ever recorded in Texas, adding to the mere four hailstones exceeding 6 inches since 1950.

Midwest and Southeast Ravaged by Severe Weather

The havoc unleashed by severe thunderstorms and tornadoes wreaked havoc across the Midwest and then descended upon the Southeast. Tragically, at least three people lost their lives due to the catastrophic weather conditions.

Hail the size of golf balls hit Granbury, Texas.
Hail the size of golf balls hit Granbury, Texas. Canaan Horn

Power Outages and Ongoing Risk

As of the early morning hours, almost 95,000 energy customers in Alabama, 57,000 in Mississippi, and 50,000 in Florida were without power. Georgia and North Carolina were also affected, each reporting around 17,000 power outages. Although the worst of the weather has passed for most regions, approximately 7 million people remain at risk of experiencing severe weather on Friday morning.

Tales of Destruction and Resilience

In Pecan Plantation, Texas, families endured the onslaught of golf ball-sized hailstones that battered their homes. Ambulance medic Lydia Torres described the harrowing experience of hail hitting their vehicle like bombs, forcing them to seek shelter and leaving shattered glass in its wake. Despite the devastation, some children found solace in collecting hailstones as frozen souvenirs.

The aftermath of the storms in Maury County, Tennessee, revealed widespread destruction caused by tornadoes. Columbia Fire & Rescue shared drone footage depicting the vast scale of damage and the monumental cleanup efforts ahead. Entire houses lay in ruins, and once-wooded areas now stand bereft of trees.

Recovery Efforts and Flash Flood Concerns

County officials in affected areas are providing guidance to residents on separating and disposing of debris in the aftermath of the destructive weather. Looking ahead, there are growing concerns about flash flooding along the Gulf Coast, including in New Orleans, where heavy rainfall of 5 to 7 inches is anticipated next week.

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