Texas school district seeks court clarification on legality of dress policy after suspending high school student Darryl George over his locs

Barbers Hill High School Student Suspended Over Loc Hairstyle


Texas School District Seeks Clarification on Discrimination

The Barbers Hill Independent School District in Texas has recently suspended a student for nearly two weeks due to his loc hairstyle. In response, the district has asked a court to clarify whether their dress code violates the CROWN Act, a state law that prohibits discrimination based on hair.

Dress Code Violation

Darryl George, a student at Barbers Hill High School, has been serving in-school suspension for more than two weeks because his locs violated the district’s dress code. The code states that male students’ hair should not extend below the eyebrows or below the ear lobes.

Request for Clarification

Attorneys for the school district have asked the court to clarify whether the newly passed CROWN Act prohibits grooming policies regarding the length of a male student’s hair.

Superintendent’s Statement

Barbers Hill Superintendent Greg Poole stated that although they believe the new law does not govern hair length, they are seeking interpretation from the judicial system of Texas.

No Enhanced Disciplinary Action

The school district has also announced that they will not enhance the disciplinary action against George. He was suspended again this week after returning from his original suspension.

Prior Warning

George had previously been warned that repeated violations of the dress code would result in him being sent to a Disciplinary Alternative Education Program, also known as an alternative school.

George’s Hairstyle and Disciplinary Action

George’s mother has stated that he has received multiple disciplinary action notes for wearing his loc hairstyle in a ponytail. School officials deemed his hairstyle to be a violation of the dress and grooming code.


The same week George was suspended, the state’s CROWN Act went into effect, which prohibits discrimination based on one’s hair texture or protective hairstyles such as locs and braids.

Locs with Historical Significance

George’s locs are significant to him and his family, as they include strands from his grandfather and father. They have no intention of cutting them.

Consideration of Legal Action

George’s family has expressed their consideration of taking legal action against the district in response to the suspension.

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